advanced singing lessons in nycAdvanced Singing Lessons in NYC

Advanced Singing Lessons are the most challenging lesson package the Vocal Workout Singing School offers in both our New York City and Los Angeles locations. These lessons are designed for helping seasoned professionals maintain their expert level of singing as well as help with deepening tone. The advanced singing lessons work hand in hand with our Voice Yoga classes as it helps you to maintain your breath while under pressure and during physical activity like dancing to your music.

These lessons have been taken by esteemed musicians and help our students to prepare for auditions beyond college. The advanced level classes will also assist in perfecting stage presence and harnessing your unique musical style.

How Do I Take Advanced Singing Lessons at the Vocal Workout Singing School?

Advanced Singing Lessons are only offered to students by invitation or through an audition. Students who are invited into the program have a proven track record of vocal excellence and maybe a touring or well-accomplished musician. Students who audition should be enrolled in the Intermediate Singing Lessons and should have already completed our Beginner Singing Lessons course.

The audition process includes a prepared singing piece, sight reading, scale exercises, and breathing exercises. Once you pass the audition process you will be able to schedule your advanced singing lessons with the founder of the Vocal Workout Singing School, ILana Martin.

Why Should I Take Advanced Singing Lessons?

Advanced Singing Lessons are perfect for students who are looking to branch out from their Intermediate Singing Lessons and step up their voice to the next level. In our Advanced Singing Lesson program you will have the opportunity to work on original music that you have written as well as juries for cover songs. Our advanced singing lesson program also prepares our students for auditions and assists in going from amateur to professional singer. Some of our past advanced singing lesson clients include P. Diddy, Rhianna, Brandy, and Mary J. Blage to name a few.

Can I Take Advanced Singing Lessons Online?advanced singing lessons

For the busy touring vocalist, online singing lessons are vital. The Vocal Workout Singing School’s online singing program is set to relaunch in October of 2017 and will give students access to online lessons with oaward-winninging vocal coaches.

The Vocal Workout’s online singing lessons are also open to international students looking to study the Vocal Workout Singing School Method, which is being relaunched as the Martin Method in Spring 2018. The Martin Method is ILana Martin’s patented singing school method that trains mind, body, and voice. In order to sing your best, we believe that you must take a holistic approach to singing and address all aspects of the vocal instrument. For our online singing school, we offer the following private singing lessons: beginner singing lessons, intermediate singing lessons, advanced singing lessons, songwriting seminars, Voice Yoga, and Master Classes (offered seasonally).

How Do I Audition for Advanced Singing Lessons?

You can set up an audition by calling us at (212) 229-7788 or by speaking with your vocal coach during your next singing lesson. Prior to auditioning for Advanced Singing Lessons, make sure that you are ready to work harder than you ever have on your voice.

How Long Should I Take Advanced Singing Classes?

The Vocal Workout Singing School’s advanced singing lessons are designed for maintaining your voice for the length of your vocal career. Whether you are ten or one hundred years old, your vocal coach will work to tailor your lessons to achieve the best possible voice. Many of our vocalists become family after learning the Martin Method and believing in the journey it took to achieve their best voice. For this reason, we have been able to teach over one thousand students in New York City since we first opened our doors in 1990. It is our hope that our students will use what they have learned at the vocal workout singing school and apply those lessons into all facets of their lives well beyond their singing careers.