Private Singing Lessons in NYC

private voice lessons

The Vocal Workout Singing School offers private singing lessons that are designed specifically to unleash the natural singer within each of our students. Our expert instructors will train your musical ear and expand your artistic ability.

They will coach you toward uncovering your own unique voice so you can share your story in a truly soulful way. You will come away with increased vocal power and range, and with a mastery of voice dynamics, advanced body breathing, and singing with pro placement.  With this holistic approach to singing, you will exhibit more freedom in your voice with greater dynamics and pliability, and with a fortified vocal fitness. You will leave ready to create gorgeous, compelling records and perform enthralling concerts in musical styles such as R&B, Soul, Gospel, Rock, and Pop.

Gain power and efficiency while unlocking your innate talent.  It’s time to take your singing to the next level. Call us to audition for one of our private singing lessons today at (212) 229-7788.

Benefits of Private Singing Lessons

The Vocal Workout Singing School offers private singing lessons for all singing levels from beginner to professional. Which allows you to embark upon a journey and see a difference in your singing voice right away, as you soar to high notes and robust phrasing that you haven’t had access to before.  Enjoy your vocal range as never before!  

private singing lessonsAt the Beginner level you will notice an immediate improvement in your ability to project your voice and in your ability to breath deeply. At the intermediate level you will notice an improvement to your tone and will begin to settle into your singing style. Whether your style be soul, r&b, urban, classical, pop, Broadway, or jazz the Vocal Work Out Singing School’s award winning vocal coaches are trained in all singing styles to help our students as they advance through our elite program.

At the advanced level, students may decide to take some of our song writing classes, and begin to perform solos and cover songs. Students are encouraged to bring in material they work on outside of class for input from our team of vocal coaches. Advanced students will notice their range being pushed to the max, and will learn advanced breathing techniques through our vocal yoga program.

If you are interested in learning more about the Vocal Workout Singing School’s private singing lessons, give us a call at (212) 229-7788 or contact us through our website. You can also learn more about our voice classes and shared vocal coaching through our monthly newsletter as well as stay up to date with our workshops that are offered seasonally.