Embark upon a journey of complete vocal discovery.  Visit us at The Vocal Workout Singing School for a private vocal lesson package. The Vocal Workout’s private singing lesson packages are either 30 or 45 minutes each week and are run through our Private Vocal Coaching program. You’ll hear instant improvement for your voice results.

Use our highly individualized system to achieve your voice power. We offer top R&B singing techniques, soul singing, gospel singing, urban sound, classical sound, and more. Many vocal teachers of The Vocal Workout Singing School method are dedicated to bringing out the soulfulness in every student’s voice.


Inspiration starts here!  You can take The Vocal Workout’s private study classes with a partner. For our Shared Lessons, 2 partners seeking growth in similar areas gain a friendship and support.

Study traditional Vocal Workout methodology and pave your road to a professional musical future.


The Vocal Workout’s world-class virtual classroom is hard to beat.  Online Lessons offer method Vocal Workout teaching in the form of on-the-go vocal training for international and touring artists. VW Voice Lessons provide all the learning of our signature Private Lessons, with added comfort of a virtual meeting.

For the busy student, as well as for the international student.  Also, for the pro student while on tour.



Begin to build a sound, a vocal code and a special voice foundation with The Vocal Workout’s legendary teaching method. First of all, learn breath control, posture, and dynamics. Show confidence in all areas of voice control.  Our vocal clients then perfect their voice range, tone, and timbre for pop, house, dance and R&B music. Our Beginner Classes are a good introduction to radio-ready control in “it’s me -singing”.


Take fundamental Vocal Workout techniques to the next level with The Vocal Workout’s Intermediate Level Classes. Study song style and further hone your unique voice.  Master song selections in a genre – pop/rock/folk/soul/jazz. Sing notes high to low. Improv on any song. Captivate any audience.


Get the best with The Vocal Workout’s Advanced training in agility and finesse. Stretch the voice beyond riffs and genres to design and craft songs, and get control of radio-ready custom repertoire.  Pop/R&B sound at its best.  By invitation or audition only.*


Breath Songs Yoga covers breath control and vocal tone ability. Taught in a yoga-style movement class of 6-8 singers. Easy for all levels of movement, this groundbreaking voice class gives singers the extra physical strength and stamina needed to sing powerfully. Develop the vocal muscles with targeted intention.  Learn to sing well, while striving in a challenging workout.


Vocal Workout Songwriting Seminars guide vocalists to pen the stories they were born to share.  Led by VW coaches and by top industry songwriters.  Learn to show cleverness, freedom, and commerciality in your songwriting, while creating a thread between your songs and your vocal artistic brand.


Offered seasonally.

 Attain voice mastery. Gain specific skills in a depth that goes beyond the standard private lesson curriculum.

In addition to advanced warm-ups, riffs and runs, pitch definition and vocal range, you’ll work on your own level of style.

 Vocal Workout Master Classes improve your artistry.  Stage presence improves naturally.  To reach your potential you advance onstage weekly in one of these groups.  As a voice talent and as a performer, learn in a class.  Study in these top vocal master classes is by invitation only.  Limit – 15 per session.


“There is no better voice lesson than a semester earned at The Vocal Workout.”Leidi Pena
ILana is an incredibly generous and organized teacher, and she’s got a free spirit. She has an extensive knowledge of the music industry and is committed to the mastery of her craft. She is a brilliant songwriter. Vocal Workout Coaches NY | Singing Lessons and Singing Class and Singing Coaching New YorkYutaka Pianing
I have never had more fun. Ever! Singing in any situation in my life. The Vocal Workout is a total blast and extremely well done. Vocal Workout LA | Singing Lessons & Vocal ClassesVictoria Eastman

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