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Holistic Voice Journey

Dec 4, 2020

As a holistic voice studio, we respect the student and their vocal gift. To study with a professional vocal coach with a Broadway reputation and passion for the singing lesson can be exciting. To find one’s own balance within the singing method helps in exploring the singing art. The voice benefits as a result of attention to the mind, body and spirit.


“As a teacher, I have enjoyed seeing my fellow apprentices and teachers grow their own clientele and rosters with exciting new mantras, analogies, and diagrams.”

VW Coach Andrew


Bowl instrument


As acoustic science is the base of our method, we have several exercises and ways of expressing modalities across mind, body, and spirit, and integrating the parts into a whole. The new person emerges more confident, focused, and calm.


We enjoy the results that we find as we approach each and every voice with care, sophistication and time-tested set of techniques, examples, and exercises. The overall approach brings superior results to the singing voice.


In working with a list of artists and their teams, we endeavor to our training on the cutting edge of all necessary and helpful modules for maintaining the sustaining vocal health and growth. Peace of mind eases the social anxiety of singing for others and performing lyrics and singing repertoire.