Beginner Singing Lessons in NYC

Singing for Beginners Classes

The Vocal Workout Singing School is offering Live Performance Classes in our New York City location. Classes are $55.00 per class and $330.00 for the entire course. Classes are once a week for six weeks, call for more information.


beginner vocal lessonsDo you love music and singing but not too sure where to begin with your musical journey? Do you have a sweet voice but can’t do the things you want to do with it? Are you lacking confidence on stage? If you have any of these problems, The Beginners Singing Lessons are the perfect classes for you, These lessons are perfect for singers who have not done much technical work on their voice and are a new face to the vocalist scene. You may not have done many performances or maybe not even sang seriously before. You may have sung before but have not been satisfied with the results. Whatever the case may be, The Vocal Workout will ensure that we assist you in eliminates all of these issues and move you onto becoming one of the greatest stars in your selected genre. We are proud to say that all of our students show improvement in so many different areas including confidence, pitch, style, and singing techniques after taking our beginners course. This course will help you gain a new sense of faith that you can achieve your dreams and you can be the singer you desire to be. Begin your journey to your desired future, create a foundation that is necessary to become the best you can be, begin to find your sound and your purpose in your music! Begin your journey toward changing the world we leave in, note by note.

Why Take Singing for Beginners at the Vocal Workout?

Taking that first step into becoming a seasoned, professional singer can seem very overwhelming and intense, and it is. The Vocal Workout understands that and empathizes with what you may be facing as a fresh, new, vocalist. These beginner lessons will set you up with the foundation and guidance to discover and achieve your singing and career goals. The beginner lessons are the first step to becoming the star that you dream of. Most of the biggest stars started off with this first step. No matter what age you are, how long you’ve been singing, how good you think you are, how many fans you have, The Vocal Workout has a home for you and the perfect person to shine the light on your greatest attributes. We hold a helping hand to fix any issues that may be holding you back from unlocking your true talent!

It is never too late to start studying your voice and learning the ins and outs of your instrument. The beginner lessons are so necessary because they give the student a foundation that is so strong; nothing can break them from the outside. You learn that you are in control of how successful your singing career will be. With a strong foundation from the beginning, when you start to get better you will be ready to hit the stage and your growth will be so apparent that nobody will be able to keep their eyes off of you!

How Long Do Beginner  Singing Lessons Last?

In the Beginner Lessons you will be able to choose from a 30-minute class or 45-minute class and in those classes, we will focus on 3 different black and white image of student singing in a microphone in vocal classes in NY
sections; Method/ Technique, Improvisation, and repertoire! This ensures that you have a well-balanced lesson that touches all the different areas that will help you succeed!

What Will You Learn During Beginner Singing Lessons?

Your vocal ability, your needs, and your genre/style will indicate which instructor will be best for you! Here at the Vocal Workout we value making our students feel comfortable and welcomed every time you visit us. Your teacher will be patient, understanding, kind, and motivating. During lessons, your teacher will give you adequate homework while you’re away so you can stay engaged and inspired during the process. In the beginning stages of learning singing techniques, it can feel impossible to reach certain heights. You will surprise yourself with what you will be able to do with just a little bit of serious practice and dedication! Once you start to see all of the improvements, it is important to stay dedicated. Your instructor will help keep you on track and assure continuous progression.

Once you have mastered the beginner class there are many other places to move up to! Whether it be a shared singing lesson or if you would like to move up to intermediate lessons, the possibilities are endless here at the Vocal Workout Singing School and we are dedicated to making the possibilities endless for you!

Contact us now at (212) 229-7788 or by emailing us at To learn more about how to set up an audition to be apart of The Vocal Workout Singing School Family!

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