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Black Is King

Nov 23, 2017

Black is King, Beyonce’s highly anticipated visual album was finally released today, and it was worth all the wait. As soon as you start what I believe is the film of the century, you are introduced to the queen herself in a beautiful scenery. Entranced enough as it is, the music starts and you are taken into a whole new world and into the beginning of the story plot. The video, inspired from the movie The Lion King, is creatively told as we follow Beyonce around the world. Not only is this movie intriguing, it’s informative and revolutionary. There have been films that show black excellency, but Beyonce took this to a whole new level. As we move into more progressive times, more and more films about black people and our culture have been and are being created. This representation matters. This new generation and the ones after us now have more representation to look forward to, to remind them that they are kings and queens and have more culture and background then some even realize.  

Beyonce included a lot of POC artists into this project, this is really important because we don’t get to see genuine collaborations like that often. Black is King included Kelly Roland, Lupita, Naomi Campbell, Pharell, Jessie Reyez, and her husband Jay-Z. These empowering collaborations show the success people can reach when they work hard on their goals. Stuff like this is important to see, especially for little kids. Kids have had movies like wakanda to look up 

too but you can never have too much black empowerment and now more than ever, people need to see things like this that shows them we are not who the people filled with hatred say we are, but Kings in our own right. Artists will now hopefully follow suit after Beyonce and create more empowering art, films, music, etc. The world could always use the extra love. Black is King is absolutely beautiful and recommended for everyone to watch, whether it’s with family, friends, or by yourself on a staying in type of night. The message it has will touch souls and inspire others to create their own type of art in their own version, and we can’t wait to see it. For now, remember to stay safe and spread love.