Tiered Levels of Learning

“To find one’s voice, one must discover the power of a life in story.”


Tiered Levels of Learning

To meet each student where they presently are, our curriculum is designed with a tiered level of learning system. Once a student successfully places in the school roster, their level of learning is discerned by our Founder and a partnering Vocal Pro. From there, we offer studies in various formats: private, shared, online, and occasionally, in group classes. Our studies are offered annually on a Fall and Spring semester basis.




For the singer with great potential who aims to take their first professional steps. Here we study the basics of breath control, posture, and dynamics until a student secures confidence in vocal control.  From there. we expand vocal range, tone, and timbre and in time, begin Intermediate studies.



For the practiced beginner who is ready to further their professionalism through continued studies in technique and additional studies in song style, writing, and interpretation. We include songwriting seminars with all star-pros during each semester.



The graduate course of The Vocal Workout. Here, we implement  all studies and practice gained in both beginner and intermediate lessons while securing a radio-ready, curated repertoire. Core Eligibility: These lessons are only scheduled by invitation after prior studies or by referral.

Private Lessons

Our most rigorous and concentrated study for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

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Shared Lessons

For the rare pair or friends or collaborators who seek growth in similar areas and offer one another a preferred accountability.

Online Lessons

World-class virtual classroom that offers precisely what we bring to private lessons but with location flexibility.

Voice Yoga

An additional course for students to strengthen breath control and vocal tone through yoga-style movements. Accessible for all levels of study and levels of movement, this groundbreaking voice class gives singers the extra physical strength and stamina needed to sing healthily with more control.

Songwriting Seminars

Seminars guide vocalists to pen the stories they were born to share. Led by our award  winning vocal coaches and by top industry songwriters. Learn to show cleverness, freedom, and to commercialize your songwriting, while creating a thread between your songs and your vocal artistic brand.