Intermediate Vocal Lessons in NYC

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Are you a singer who understands the basic and fundamental skills that are necessary for being a stable vocalist? Are you past beginner singing lessons, but still not ready to take on an advanced singing class? Have you have had some form of instruction and absorbed that but still need some guidance in certain areas? Do you still need some instruction on how to reveal the best you possible?

We have the class for you! The Vocal Workout Singing School’s Intermediate Vocal Lessons are perfect for the singer who isn’t new to singing, but isn’t a master just yet! It is common that when most singers get their first glimpse of vocal achievement they want to see more, and continuing to train yourself plays a huge part in making routine vocal. It’s very important, as vocalists, that we stay on top of our voice and what we need to do to keep it strong and growing! It is very discouraging to feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your voice and your improvement. By being apart of The Vocal Workout family, we will never let you forget that it will only get better for you if you give your voice the attention it needs!

What Vocal Techniques Do You Learn in Intermediate Vocal Lessons?

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Intermediate vocal lessons are about being independently powerful in the techniques that you’ve learned in your beginner lesson. These classes will help you develop cohesion in your voice along with agility and speed beyond the beginner level. You will also begin to consider phrasing and your execution of full songs on a different level. Many of our students are professionals from all around who have moved to NYC or LA and are continuing their ongoing vocal training.

You will also begin to learn singing techniques for recording in a studio and performing live. This includes gaining the proper skills in order to pursue our songwriting seminars offered each semester in our New York City location at the Vocal Workout Singing School.

During our intermediate vocal lessons, you’ll find a wider vocal range that can be strengthened through our breath yoga singing classes. Many beginner singing students often struggle with expanding their range, but once they enter our intermediate singing lesson program, they are pleasantly surprised to hear their vocal range increase over time. 

A lot of our students will go to this course after graduation from the beginners class and will then have an opportunity to be invited to our advanced vocal lessons, or will be able to audition when they feel they are ready to move to the next level of their singing career. Our intermediate singing lessons are designed to help our students build on the foundation they learned in the beginner lessons as well as to prepare them for private singing lessons or for shared vocal coaching in order to continue their vocal growth.

After you have mastered the beginner’s course you are ready to get the next level of your training which is the intermediate class! You will move on either with your previous teacher if you choose or you will get a better fitting teacher depending on your preference and the improvement you made in the beginner class and how that have affected your genre, style, and needs.

Sign up for our intermediate vocal lessons before our new semester begins on September 25th. To learn more about our intermediate vocal lessons, call us at (212) 229-7788 or e-mail us at

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