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You can book a lesson virtually anywhere

Online Lessons

Vocal Workout Singing lessons location just got closer! Access the power of world-class singing lessons from home. Whether you are looking to enroll in Beginner Singing Lessons, Intermediate Singing Lessons or Advanced Singing Lessons our classes are crafted to bring knowledge to your abilities. If you’re serious about expanding your vocal abilities but are a touring musician or located outside of the New York City or Los Angeles areas, sing with us from your laptop anywhere in the world.

New York

Located in the heart of the city, students can be inspired by the views and culture as they embark on their custom vocal journey. Our New York studio’s comfort and luxurious setting provides a relaxing and intimate challenge for our students as they prepare to workout on a schedule. The modern vocal session work is transforming with our vocal coaches.

Los Angeles 

Our Los Angeles studio is the perfect place for singers who want to cultivate their voice and get vocal style and finesse. Our LA coaching brings a Californian edge to the Vocal Workout Method, providing students with an experience as cool as the ocean breeze.


We hold an annual Singing Retreat to a city on the Europen continent is designed for aspiring singers from the US and  Europe. Admitted students will get a top-level course in vocal health, strength and style. Students will receive expert guidance for building a presence as an artist. The week-long immersion experience creates moments of a lifetime for singers.