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Loving Your Unique Sound

Jan 23, 2015

1024px-Erykah_Badu_FEPErykah Badu live in Bruges,  Belgium in 2006

There is beauty in every voice. Many vocalists strive to sound exactly like the great vocalists of their time. Many singers do not take the time to get to know the unique qualities in their tone.  However, the power is in embracing and loving your own original sound.  Remember, Beyonce and Mariah made it to the top because they were different. They were not at all like their predecessors. Their talent and individuality made them shine above the rest.  That being said, in order to achieve success a singer must fully embrace themselves.


A crowd will not be moved unless  you have confidence in your vocal ability. A great way to increase your confidence, as a singer, is to study with a great vocal coach. The best vocal coaches will also embrace your unique tone. They will become inspired to help strengthen it so you can reach your goals. A good instructor also knows how to highlight unique tones in a students voice in a way that makes them a stronger vocalist.


Although finding a good vocal coach is necessary, it is also important to find a style of music that compliments your voice. Unfortunately not everyone is equipped with the right pipes to belt out Whitney Houston’s version of “I Will Always Love You.” This is when your vocal coach steps in to help you choose songs that fit your vocal personality. Your voice will flourish in the genre and you will be able to shine. Once you master your style, you may even be able to successfully cover popular songs and transform them with your unique voice.

It is imperative that you love yourself and your unique sound. Don’t shy away from your original tone. After all, it is your ticket to success. It is what makes you different from everyone else. It is important to chase your dreams, in your own unique way.