Master Vocal Classes in NYC

Why Should I Take a Master Vocal Class?

Master Vocal Classes are an opportunity to specialize and explore a vocal style or singing technique in order to better your singing career. Our classes are designed in a way to help better and expand your vocal abilities. Whether you are focusing on jazz, soul, classical, Broadway/ show tunes, pop/ contemporary, rhythm and blues, hip-hop, or rap, you will be able to explore each genre and be guided through specific breathing and singing exercises.

Vocal Coaching
Every semester, the Vocal Workout Singing School offers a wide variety of master vocal classes led by renowned industry professionals. Some of our past master vocal classes include: advanced breath yoga, singing for the Broadway vocalist, Mastering Rhythm and Blues with Alicia Keys, and much more. This Semester, we will be announcing a new stream of classes to be launched in both our New York City and Los Angeles schools as well as online with high-profile touring vocalists.

Our New York City master vocal classes are led by the founder of the Vocal Workout Singing School, ILana Martin. Our Los Angeles master classes are led by Gabriella Wilson, who has been the head of our LA location for the past five years. The LA school has recently expanded to accommodate our growing school on the West Coast. And our online classes will be led by a series of celebrity vocalists and celebrity vocal coaches.


Who Should Take These Classes?Voice Classes NYC

Students who should consider taking our master vocal classes should be anyone currently enrolled in the Vocal Workout Singing School’s Beginner Singing Classes, Intermediate Singing Classes, Advanced Singing Classes, Shared Vocal Coaching, or Private Singing Lessons. This is because students enrolled in these programs are familiar with our program and their private vocal coaches can determine which master vocal class is right for them.

If you are interested in signing up for these classes, you can call us at (212) 229-7788 or by e-mail us at You can also contact us through the contact form on our homepage and contact page.