Online Singing Lessons

Who Should Take Online Singing Lessons?

Anyone can take our online singing lessons. Each lesson is crafted to the student’s abilities. Whether you are looking to enroll in beginner singing lessons, intermediate singing lessons, or advanced singing lessons, all levels are available and ideal for maintaining your voice. Our ideal student is serious about expanding on their vocal abilities and is either a touring musician or is located outside of the New York City or Los Angeles areas.


The student must exhibit a passion for singing and for their quest for the perfect tone. Our goal for your singing lessons is to teach you the fundamentals of your voice to unlock your full vocal potential. These singing lesson blocks are designed for assisting the student with warming up their voice and helping them to target and conquer difficult vocal riffs.

The Vocal Workout Singing School is opening up a new Online Singing School in July of 2020. These classes will train virtually through non-contact singing. The Vocal Workout Method is a holistic approach to singing that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. This approach helps to craft a voice that is passionate and complete and is the perfect method to incorporate into our private virtual singing lessons. 


When addressing the spirit of the voice, you are unparalleled in confidence in your performance, and tranquility. When the body is addressed breathing became easier, notes can be held out longer, and addressing the mind, your stories become more real. This singing lesson not only transforms the voice, it transforms lives.


Built from a core foundation of diaphragmatic breath control and intense awareness of vocal placement, a Vocal Workout class combines breath, alignment, technique, and repetition. This unique bonding method allows the whole body to resonate and find that head voice. Voice coaches guide singing reflexes to the body’s autopilot reflex channel, the most inward part of our muscle memory until they become natural.

By following these steps and by going above and beyond to combine your mind, body, and spirit when singing, you will notice a difference in both your vocal abilities and in your stage presence.


Individuality and style is instrumental in the success of the soul vocalist. The vocal artist will learn to enchant an audience with skill and finesse coupled with signature runs, riffs and embellishments known as The Style Cabinet. Vocal Workout instructors are well versed in advising students in the area of song choice, image, and delivery.

Where Can I Explore More About the Vocal Workout Online Singing School?

You can learn more by visiting or by calling (212) 229-7788. Before beginning your online singing lessons with the Vocal Workout Singing School, you will get one complimentary vocal session to see if our school is the right fit for you. You will then be placed into a course and then can begin training with the Vocal Workout Singing School online.

If you are located within the New York City or Los Angeles area, you can apply to become a student live at the Vocal Workout Singing School through sending us an email or give us a call at (212) 229-7788.  In addition to the classes offered above, we also offer private singing lessons and shared vocal coaching