Private Singing Lessons in NYC & Online

Your personal voice trainer. If you feel that you need the undivided attention of your teacher and that you work well in intimate settings, The Vocal Workout Singing School’s private singing lessons has just what you’re looking for! We offer private singing lessons in NYC and LA that are designed specifically to unleash the natural singer within each of our students. Our expert instructors will train your musical ear, expand your artistic ability, improve your belting and work with you personally to help you carve your path toward rewarding musical success! These lessons are private so that the student can freely work through different blocks, artistic issues or other impediments so they can achieve their best results in the medium that they choose to sing.

Mind, body, spirit. Our Private Singing Lessons will supply you with the tools you need to reveal your own unique voice, giving you the ability to share your story in a truly soulful and organic way. These lessons are taught on a holistic mind, body and spirit level. At each level there lies a lesson and task that the student will need to tackle and absorb with their instructor. You will leave each lesson with a new and improved sense of your vocal power, range, and style. You will also acquire a mastery of voice dynamics, advanced body breathing, and singing with pro placement. With this holistic approach to singing, you will exhibit more freedom and confidence in your voice with greater dynamics and pliability. By mindfully and efficiently working with your instructor to strengthen all aspects of your voice, you will begin to understand the true meaning of The Vocal Workout Singing School. You will leave ready to create gorgeous, compelling records and perform enthralling concerts in musical styles such as R&B, Soul, Jazz, Gospel, Rock, and Pop.

Gain power and efficiency while unlocking your innate talent. It’s time to take your singing to the next level!

Benefits of Private Voice Lessons

The Vocal Workout Singing School offers private voice lessons for all singing levels from beginner to professional. Which allows you to embark upon a journey and see a difference in your singing voice right away, as you soar to high notes and robust phrasing that you haven’t had access to before.  Enjoy your vocal range as never before!  

Improve your belting. At the beginner level for private voice lessons, you will notice an immediate improvement in your belting ability, your ability to project your voice and in your ability to breathe deeply.

Find your vocal inspiration. At the intermediate level you will notice an improvement in your tone and will begin to settle into your singing style. Whether your style be Soul, R&B, Urban, Classical, Pop, Broadway, or Jazz The Vocal Workout Singing School’s award-winning vocal coaches are trained in all singing styles to help our students as they advance through our elite program.

Embark on your vocal journey. At the advanced level, students may decide to take some of our songwriting classes, and begin to perform solos and cover songs. Students are encouraged to bring in material they work on outside of class for input from our team of vocal coaches. Advanced students will notice their range being pushed to the max, and will learn advanced breathing techniques through our vocal yoga program.

What Are Private Singing Lessons?

Private singing lessons is the best way to get in touch with what will mark you as one of the best artists in your genre! This intimate one on one session allows the teacher to really diagnose problems you may be facing as a singer. Breaking through that threshold of being the average singer into becoming legendary status is what we strive to bring out of all of our students.

While taking Private Singing Lessons you and your instructor will create a special bond and you will start to receive more personalized lessons. Your teacher will give you homework assignments that are unique and exactly what you will need to improve. As a student, you will be able to express any worries or fears that you are dealing with in confidentiality as you and your teacher work toward your specific goals together. All of our instructors are professional singers and have walked in your shoes. This makes it easy to relate to our teachers. They absolutely can help you feel more comfortable in your vulnerability. Here at The Vocal Workout we like to encourage vulnerability because we believe that being true and organic about the way you feel is the best way to connect with your audience.

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What Skills Will I Learn During Private Singing Lessons?

We have some of the best instructors in NYC and online who have all studied voice and holistic methods of singing. We are proud to say that all of our teachers bring their absolute best to every private singing lesson and each student leaves with something new that they have conquered and something new they need to work on. This keeps the students continuously motivated to be better. Sometimes as artists we get bored with ourselves and can’t see our progression or feel like we may not know what is next for us. Having a private instructor eliminates that problem completely by motivating you to stay on top of the goals that you set for yourself. Your vocal coach will be like the sticky notes on your mirror, encouraging you to not give up each day. Since all of our teachers are seasoned singers who come with experience and access to all sorts of amazing opportunities, they will be in the position to provide you with opportunities as you become a seasoned artist. 

Each lesson focuses on 3 different categories: Method/Technique, Vocal Work and Repertoire. This will ensure that you get a well-rounded lesson and leave with different things to work on while you prepare for the next lesson on your own. You can choose between a 45-minute class or a 30-minute class with your instructor. You will be coupled with the instructor that best fits your style and current singing level!

This is one of the most important things a vocalist can do to become the artist he or she dreams of being. A lot of artists skip the technical part of things which can leave them with an unsteady foundation and an unsure sense of who they could be as well as the impact they could have on their fans. One thing that a lot of artists regret is getting discovered before they have discovered themselves. Discovering yourself, your sound and the impact you want to make on this world through your music is no easy task, and it’s no task you should have to face alone. Team up with the perfect vocal coach that will stick with you every step of the way along this tough journey with patience, kindness, and love.

Improvisation is also taught at each lesson. Improvisation is the ability to take a melody and go outside of the melody with your own interpretation within the specific genre. This is a great way to get inside the mind of the singer and see what kind of cool ideas they have hidden. Our instructors make it so that our students feel safe enough to leave their comfort zone and give it their all! We love the way our students can improvise and our students love it as well! They tend to surprise themselves each time and feel encouraged by the ideas that come completely from their hearts! It gives them the confidence to go out on stage and deliver with that same energy. Improvisational skills makes a huge difference in our students performances

Vocal strengthening and hardcore solid technique, such as breath control improve belting and placement of the voice, help students attain low and higher tones. Most students report that every 4-6 lessons they shed their old voice and find a new voice they have created.

What Genre Should I Select for Private Voice Lessons?

If you are a student who doesn’t quite know which genre you want to focus on we also offer a multi-genre lesson where a student can experiment with genres until they find the genre they’re truly meant to have. Many students don’t have the development yet to know which genres work best for them so we assist in finding out according to what type of life they plan to live, what type of stamp they want to leave, and where their purpose and message best fits in.

Many of the private lessons develop mentorship and a path for the student to follow that holds them in their artistic integrity as they develop into professional musicians and vocalists.

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