Quarantine and Voice Care
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Quarantine and Voice Care

Dec 4, 2020

As a holistic voice practice, study with a coach who has a Broadway reputation can be an exciting adventure.

We love the voice results as we approach each and every voice with care, sophistication, and a time-tested set of techniques. Using examples, and exercises, our vocal method brings superior development, finesse and breath control to the singing voice.

Eventually, clients begin galvanizing self- motivation and keeping their own practice active, healthy, and whole.

We’ve recently begun a songwriting private lesson series monthly with celebrity songwriting specialist Divinity Roxx — musical director and bass player for BeyoncĂ© and many others.

In working with a list of artists and their teams, we endeavor to our training on the cutting edge of all necessary and helpful modules for maintaining the sustaining vocal health.

It is fun to watch as a younger students take a hold of our singing method with excitement as they learn new things, to give shape to the mind, body and spirit principles of what their bodies are doing.