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Shared Vocal Coaching in NYC

If you would like to focus on group singing and/or prefer collaborative learning, The Vocal Workout Singing School offers shared vocal coaching in both our New York City and Los Angeles locations. The Vocal Workout believes that by pairing you with 2-5 partners, that the group will grow in similar areas. When singing in a group, each singer pushes their classmates to sing their best. The Vocal Workout Singing School also offers private singing lessons to all levels of singers. The Vocal Workout’s shared vocal coaching is open to all students of the Vocal Workout Singing School.

Who Should Sign Up for Shared Vocal Coaching?

Depending on what type of learner you are, Shared Vocal Coaching may be perfect for you! If you become nervous in an intimate setting or justVocal Coaching feel more comfortable when you’re with a few of your peers this would be exactly what you need to be successful. We all learn differently and here at The Vocal Workout Singing School in New York, we understand that and try our best to accommodate all different types of learning styles, genres, and levels of singing! Whatever pace you learn at and whatever level you are on, we will work with you and your group mates to inspire and encourage each other so. The goal of each group lesson is to focus on some of the collective struggles and strengths of the group member and getting each group member on the same accord mentally, physically, and creatively!

Students that desire to take shared lessons should prepare to inspire and be inspired by their peers. Many shared vocal coaching partners extend the life of their commitment many times over and gain more vocal power and finesse through experiencing their partner’s successes in addition to their individual voice work. Having someone who is working on the same things you are can make the process a lot smoother in terms of working through any difficulties you may be having with improving and enhancing your voice!

What Are The Benefits of Shared Singing Lessons?

Aside from the typical benefits of voice classes, shared singing lessons allow students to work together with other students who are working Affordable Singing Lessons
through the same vocal barriers. You will be teamed with others in a class at a similar level: Beginners, Intermediates, or Advanced students. Shared Singing Lessons are great for acts/bands with more than one lead vocalist or background singers because it will assist in transforming the energy and bond between the music and the singers personally.  These groups can be glee clubs, small choirs, chamber groups, or their own private singing group set to any style of the student’s choosing. By having a vocal coach instruct the group on how they can improve their sound, the singing group will be able to evolve together and play off of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It will also give students the advantages of understanding how other singers think and learn. Experience the transformative power of your distinct sound as you free your voice. 

You will receive homework from your instructor that you can work on by yourself or with a group member. This is a great way to connect with other vocalists and to motivate each other to stay on track while away from the Vocal Workout Singing School. It is great to have a friend or two that is in the same field as you working hard like you. While taking Shared Singing Lesson you are sure to find someone you can connect with that will give you that mutual feeling that you are important and you are not alone on your journey.

Our students also have the option to take a private singing lesson along with a shared lesson in the same semester. Some students like to have the group singing lesson but would also like to meet with the teacher individually. This option is perfect for those committed to the group but who also need extra attention. This extra time will ensure that you get what you need personally and by staying in your group singing lesson you will still be connected with your group mates and get that peer motivation and inspiration that keeps you going throughout the week.

Vocal Coaching
What Other Classes Does Vocal Workout Offer Aside From Shared Vocal Coaching?

Many of our students start in shared vocal lessons and work their way towards private singing lessons. This is because some students like building a relationship with their vocal coach before having private vocal instruction.

Other key benefits to shared singing lessons include: increasing the singer’s ability to work with a group and collaborate, singing, in general, relieves stress and increases IQ, increased confidence, and a better connection with your audience. If you are interested in shared vocal coaching or other vocal lessons in NYC, contact us today at (212) 229-7788.