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The philosophy of our voice coaches is for the vocalist to find the power of their voice within them. The Vocal Workout coaches clients so they are strong and confident in all of their singing endeavors.Built from a foundation of breath control, a Vocal Workout singing class combines alignment, technique, and repetition. This allows the whole body to resonate. It relies on making small changes in volume, melodic, and rhythmic interpretation to express unique life experience.The Vocal Workout coaches are trained to develop the voice of singers who are performing or aspire to perform on a professional level.

“I am amazed. I look back on what I used to sound like, it’s not even the same person.”

– Nadine Michel

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The Vocal Workout taught in a series of lectures and warm-up exercises, increases vocal range and ability. Singing effortlessly is a skill and a joy to which our voice lessons give life. As a sensible singing school for beginning singers and professional singing artists, the Vocal Workout method is excellent at helping students reach the voice results they want. Our singing coaches guide students in learning the ins and outs of the vocal workout singing method.

The Vocal Workout foundational methods slowly develop into the singer through our unique instruction. The singing reflexes are guided by the voice trainer. They soon become natural to the body.

Voice Coaches in NYC

The Vocal Workout has voice coaches who ensure that every student reaches the goals they walked through our door with.

Our singing coaches all have a strong musical foundation. All of our instructors graduate from our Teacher Training Program where they become masters in teaching ILana Martin’s Vocal Workout Method.

Vocal Workout instructors know how to find the areas where growth is necessary for the student’s voice. And finally, our voice coaches then use The Vocal Workout’s technique to shape the voice. Now, students learn how to strengthen their vocals so they can enjoy a lasting career as a vocalist.


“I love working with ILana Martin. She dedicates her time as a professional teacher who doesn’t compromise and tells the truth without reservation.”

– Kerri Williams

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Students in NYC

After 1998, The Vocal Workout has been the school of pro vocalists in New York City and Los Angeles. We help students on their path to success. Soul, R&B, Pop, and Gospel are our expertise. The passions of our students are important and our teaching goes beyond the typical voice lesson. We not only listen to our students and are aware of their projects, but we celebrate their success. The Vocal Workout voice coaches have experience in the music industry, and they are able to help students with recording projects and audition skills. Contact us today for Professional Singing Lessons in New York City.