Singing Classes At The Vocal Workout

The Vocal Workout Method

Singing classes in The Vocal Workout method have been conducted at our since 1998. ILana Martin crafted The Vocal Workout method based on studies conducted with international singers and with regards to the holistic concept of three-part voice control for range and style. Our VW Vocal Workout coaches know that the voice power for our custom singing lessons is drawn from the client’s whole body.  Their physical, mental, and spiritual strength allows the voice to resonate.

The Vocal Workout Singing School offers singing classes for the following singing styles: popular/ pop, soul, urban, classical, broadway, rhythm and blues, gospel, and jazz in both our brand new Los Angeles luxury studio as well as in our original New York City location at 580 Broadway. To learn all about The Vocal Workout singing lessons and our Vocal Workout history, you can click here.

Singing Lessons at Vocal Workout

Our expertly trained vocal coaches teach both beginners and pro singers. The Vocal Workout Singing School helps students build a strong foundational vocal technique, prepare for recording studio sessions, advanced vocal training, and live performances, as well as cultivate a unique and identifiable artistic style using the unique Vocal Workout Method founder, ILana Martin, designed with these goals in mind.


The voice classes that the Vocal Workout Singing School offer in our Manhattan and Los Angeles locations are Private Singing Lessons, Shared Vocal Training, Online Singing Lessons, Beginner Singing Lessons, Intermediate Singing Lessons, Advanced Singing Lessons, Voice Yoga, Songwriting Seminars, and Master Vocal Classes. These singing classes are offered each semester, with an exception of our master vocal classes and songwriting seminars which are offered seasonally and by instructor availability only.

Vocal Classes NYC
Vocal Coaches in NYC & LA

All of the Vocal Workout Singing School’s vocal coaches have studied with ILana Martin personally or attended our Teacher Training Program. ILana Martin’s fierce team of vocal coaches are especially known for their compassion, powerfully effective call-response training, and customized curriculum approach for each student.

The Vocal Workout Clients

The Vocal Workout Singing School has had the privilege to work with singers from every singing level. From Grammy nominees to Oscar winners to beginners, the Vocal Workout Signing School has cultivated singing lessons to assist top talent and assisted them in achieving their goals with expert vocal training. We have worked with singers such as Sean Combs “P. Diddy”, Sean Garrett, Stereo Crowd, Taylor McFerrin, Jake Troth, Earthdriver, Justine Skye and many others have graced and continue their lessons. The Vocal Workout Singing School’s students are intelligent, strong, and fearless when it comes to reaching for their dreams.

If you are thinking of enrolling in private vocal classes feel free to contact us by giving us a call at (212) 229-7788, or by sending us an e-mail at

Best Private Vocal Coaching
Our Singing Classes

The Vocal Workout Singing School studios in Los Angeles and New York are beautiful, warm, welcoming loft spaces to encourage creativity and relaxation. Our signature private vocal training lessons include vocal technique lectures, intensive vocal warm-up exercises, and repertoire training on the microphone for studio prep and live performance. Often, this training also includes work on the yoga mat for targeted vocal muscle strengthening.

“Since coming to voice class, I love working with ILana Martin. Also, she is a dedicated and professional teacher who doesn’t shy away from telling you the truth.”

-Kerri Williams