Songwriting Seminars in NYC

Voice Classes NYCConnecting to the audience through your vocal ability is not the only thing that will help you become a master performer and artist. Here at The Vocal Workout Singing School we offer you songwriting seminars taught by a celebrity coach to give you the extra punch that your fans are waiting for from you! These classes are amazing at helping you explore different singing styles and find your expressions and different emotions you are trying to activate in your audience. We will help you find the message in your heart that is readily waiting to be released in your songs.

If you feel like your songwriting is lacking thought-provoking topics, clever metaphors, catchy choruses, and phrases, etc., we have the perfect class for you! Our songwriting seminars are great at decoding what an artist truly wants to say and taps into the impact the student aspires to make in the world. Our songwriting seminars are the perfect fit for anyone who is already a great singer but wants to improve the connection they have with their audience by causing them to agree with or question the lyrics that make up the song. If you would like to write a love song but don’t want to sound cheesy or generic this class is for you! If you want to make a country song that has very catchy choruses you’d want everyone to sing along to, then this class is for you as well! Or if you’re looking to explore different singing styles.  This class is for anyone that wants to be known as a great songwriter and true artist by their peers.

Why Should I Sign Up for the Vocal Workout Songwriting Seminars?

Being a Songwriter along with being a seasoned singer is a luxury a lot of artists pass up. Don’t take the easy route and have people write your Vocal Classes in Studiosongs for you. Write your songs for yourself about your own personal experiences and get out the feelings you’d like to share with your fans. It is a special thing to write your own music and it is a highly respected talent! You don’t even necessarily have to be a singer to take our songwriter’s course! You could be a writer for one of our students taking a singer’s course. This will allow you as a writer to be informed about the skill level and confidence of the artist you are working with as well as getting the inside scoop on how this artist feels and how you should write for that person while also acquiring and perfecting your songwriting.

Our songwriting seminars are available for all levels and genres of music. No matter what it is you feel like you need to work on, we will help you in that area plus some! You will leave each class with a new found understanding of what it means to be a songwriter! You will learn how to connect with your audience and capture them with your storytelling skills like you’ve always wanted to. You will gain the understanding of what makes a good song and why people feel connected to certain writing styles. You will work with your instructor to maximize the ideas in your mind. You will learn to organize your ideas in a universal way. You will gain the confidence you need during your writing sessions. You will learn to write through your writer’s block. And eventually, your artists will become a songwriter that other artists would seek you out to collaborate with them if you choose to. This is an amazing opportunity when dealing with the music industry, you will become a prized possession to the music industry if you so choose.

Can I  Bring an Instrument to the Vocal Workout Songwriting Seminars in NYC?

Best Private Vocal CoachingIf you play an instrument that’s a great addition to the lesson and be sure to bring it! If you don’t play an instrument, no worries! We will focus on your songwriting just as much! It is, of course, an advantage to play an instrument so if you decide you want to take up an instrument as well that is encouraged but it is not a requirement to take this course.

Be sure to bring your honest emotions, ideas, and aspirations to class because we will be digging into those and getting to the bottom of who you are as an artist, a person, and who you aspire to be! We will look into the way you want to inspire others, the crowd we are looking at and how they like to be communicated with. We will be taking a telescope into your future and build you up to fit it once we are face to face with the real thing.

We are excited to work with you and get you started on the path to being a renowned and charismatic songwriter through different writing and singing styles! Whether you are signed up as a private singing lesson student or are in a shared vocal group, our songwriting seminars are perfect for singers in all levels including our beginner singing lessons, intermediate singing lessons, and advanced singing lessons. Sign up with us today to register for an audition to be apart of The Vocal Workout Singing School family!