I L A N A   M A R T I N | Vocal Coach to the Stars

“I try to be that teacher that really gets into the crevices of someone’s voice and helps them sing with more freedom, openness, and honesty. Absolutely love seeing the transformation that happens.” -ILana Martin

Ilana Martin at the Piano

ILana Martin developed The Vocal Workout Singing Method and it instructs Soul Singing, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Gospel, and Classical sounds. Nothing matches its effectiveness. The Vocal Workout’s dynamic voice instruction is compassionate. It is loving as it fosters a connection between students and their vocal power. It enhances students’ vocal gifts through mouth placement, dynamics, holistic vocal health and song selection coaching.

Martin’s passion lies in helping others to achieve their best and most authentic resonance. She guides them to share their unique life story. The path to becoming a soul vocalist is different than that of a classical vocalist. Focusing primarily on the sound resonating from the unique life story of every singer.

Today, Martin thrives as the founder and director of New York City’s highly favored vocal facility, the Vocal Workout Singing School. She employs a cadre of world class teachers. Her passion lies in helping others to achieve their best and most acclaimed ‘me singing’ sound.

Singing Lesson with Ilana Martin ILana Martin’s Background

Born in Los Angeles, California, ILana Martin began performing at the young age of 8. Later, Martin entered Boston’s famed Berklee College of Music with the first full scholarship offered purely for vocalists.  This catapulted her into touring the world. She was successful as the founder of the ILana Martin Jazz Quintet and as a supporting vocalist for Barry White, Patti LaBelle, D’Angelo, Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer, Norman Brown, Rafael Martos and others.  Martin’s unique vocal style links to Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and Alicia Keys, while her characteristic hold of phrasing and lyric delivery is singular. A master of soul vocal performance, Martin is also an accomplished pianist. She has performed and written songs for both stage and film, was signed with Polygram Records, and has toured as a solo voice and jazz piano artist.

Today, Martin is a seasoned voice teacher, songwriting coach, and R&B and gospel voice expert that wows audiences with her powerful tone and storytelling.  Martin founded the Vocal Workout Singing School in New York City’s Soho in 1998, which is thriving under her direction as New York City’s highly favored vocal facility, employing a cadre of world-class teachers.

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