“As a result of years of detailed singing training, The Vocal Workout Method of popular voice was established in 2001 by founder ILana Martin in New York city.”     – P. Diddy

Vocal Workout Singing Training History

The top New York City private vocal coach, ILana Martin, has years of experience voice coaching in Beverly Hills, Manhattan, and Paris. Since, ILana has maintained a love for vocal training at a high singing level for pop, R&B, and soul music styles in the industry. Her unique Vocal Workout Method styles voices individually while sculpting tones into muscle memory. Now, ILana has a team dedicated to every single student. To them, she is known for her compassion.  

Vocal Workout Singing School Studio in NYC

vocal workout singing training school in nyc

The Vocal Workout’s signature 45- minute private voice lessons highlight a student’s potential in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, application of our voice routine strengthens a client’s preparedness for studio recording and live performance. As a result, each of our singers are prepped for life as an artist with modern music career strategy consulting, song selection that fits their voice, style and personality, and hard core vocal technique training.

“I love working with ILana Martin. And furthermore, ILana dedicates her time as a professional teacher. She doesn’t compromise, and she tells you the truth without reservation.” – Kerri Williams

vocal workout history

Who Can Attend the Vocal Workout Singing Training School?

All singers can attend The Vocal Workout. Many attend sessions simply to stretch the vocal range. Vocal students are smart and strong. It takes courage to pursue reaching goals, talents and dreams.

Vocal Workout and our vocal coaches help students to achieve their best voice possible.

Get the voice results in record time. Contact the Vocal Workout Singing School for your free singing lesson consultation by calling (212) 229-7788.