The Vocal Workout Method

Originality, beauty, authenticity and simplicity are within each singer.

The Vocal Workout Method offers the most unique approach to singing because we specialize in Gospel, R&B, and Pop styles as well as holistic care. The methodology behind teaching soul vocals is a unique process that is taught differently than classical vocal styles. Our method couples the instruction of soul singing with holistic care so that our students can have a lasting vocal career.

Built from a core foundation of diaphragmatic breath control and intense awareness of placement, a Vocal Workout class combines breath, alignment, technique and repetition in a unique bonding method, allowing the whole body to resonate. The singing reflexes are then guided by the voice trainer so as to become naturally secondary to the body’s autopilot reflex channel, the most inward part of our muscle memory.

Our method focuses on four aspects: soul, style, technique and holistic care.

Technique and Holistic Care

Taught in a series of warm-up exercises that challenge the voice and expand the intrinsic musical nature of our client, our method increases vocal range and ability to sing every note. The Vocal Workout Singing School focuses on holistic care for the voice. Our students are advised in methods of how to properly care for the voice mentally, physically, and spiritually.


The Vocal Workout is the premier vocal school with a refined method for soul singing. The methodology to learning how to sing soul music is surprisingly different than learning classical voice. Most classically trained vocalists struggle to achieve a radio ready sound because soul singing not only utilizes a different technique, it comes from within. Our method of instruction is derived from vocal African Yoruba breathing techniques and techniques that are passed down through generations of guru soul singers.

Because the essence of soul singing is personal story, we encourage our students to express themselves through singing. We work with our clients to own the lyric of a song as a musician through making small dynamic changes in volume, melodic license, and rhythmic interpretation to express their unique life singing experience.

Style Lessons

The Vocal Workout specializes in stylistic singing. We not only teach our students the technique of soul singing, but we also specialize in style. Singing freely and effortlessly is a skill and a joy to which our voice lessons firmly attest. Stage presence and signature sound is an ideal way to achieve the best radio ready voice. Recording one’s singing lessons, recording sessions, performance and real life singing are recommended.