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Singing Success Testimonials

“I have been taking lessons with Vocal Workout, on and off, for about two years now and it’s changed my belief and investment in my vocal ability. I think of my classes as gems, and I look forward to coming back each time and gaining more valuable tools for my personal and public singing sessions. ILana is one of the sweetest people I know, and blends technical challenge with amiable fervor to keep you excited and focused on the tasks at hand. Maria, another teacher in the studio, is wonderful and dedicated as well. I’ve already recommended Vocal Workout and ILana to many of my friends, because I believe and practice the method, and enjoy the teachers and energy that they bring to every lesson. Couldn’t encourage newbies and veterans in voice training to a better place!” – Harold David

singing lesson testimonials“I have been a student of Vocal Workout for 2 years now and I must honestly say it has GREATLY help me! I got the chance to work with ILana herself as well as Maria! They were very patient, kind and attentive to my voice.

“Vocal Workout has helped me to strengthen my style and my singing abilities. This school has made me more confident not only in my singing but also in myself! I would HIGHLY recommend Vocal Workout School to anyone who is serious about their music and singing!” – Tamika H

“Vocal Workout is not just a singing school. It is a philosophy, a way of life, an enlightening, transformational learning journey that guides it’s pupils to the land of constant breakthroughs. I had the honor of crossing paths with Ilana and her wonderful team a year and a half ago, and my life has never been the same since. What they did with me in such a short period of time was undeniably miraculous. I cannot thank Ilana and Maria enough for their guidance and coaching not only in vocal technique, but beyond. I feel like a butterfly just broken out it’s cocoon. Thank you ladies. Of course, highly recommended, but carefully selected admittance.” – Farrah Sabado

“Thanks to Ilana Martin at Vocal Workout, I have completely come out of my shell and broken countless boundaries with my vocal abilities! I couldn’t be happier. She has transformed me into a graceful and professional singer. She has the best energy and is patient yet adamant. She knows she will get the best out of you, having complete faith in her technique. Even when you feel you can’t sing a certain way, she will get you there! To hear the results of this amazing singing school, check out my music on iTunes!” – Heidi Merrill, heidimerrill.com

“I’m so thankful to have found ILana Martin and Vocal Workout 5 years ago. Without her non stop support I don’t think I would be where I am today. She has given me the confidence in not just my singing but also my songwriting and has opened the door to my creativeness and i couldn’t be more grateful. Singing and writing with her is not only freeing but getting immediate results from our sessions is GOD sent. I love her to death and I’m forever grateful for her!!!” – Kamilah G

vocal lesson testimonials“I am beyond happy that I found Vocal Workout. I have learned so much and have definitely seen improvement in my voice. Being that I had no prior knowledge of any vocal techniques, the holistic style of teaching was just perfect for me and I appreciate it very much. Maria is an amazing instructor and I look forward to continuing my music journey here with her and the rest of the company! Thank you!!!” – Kenia Polanco

“I LOVE Vocal Workout. The Vocal technique that I have received here has been amazing. My range is higher than ever, I have so much more breath support, and I even learned how to nail my rifts.  Vocal Workout has not only help me to master my singing but help me to identify and master my signature sound. I LOVE VOCAL WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Bubbles

“Ilana, Ilana, Ilana…the best service I ever got for my $$$ and left every class with no regrets but satisfaction! She listens and care more about the human voice than anyone I’ve met. Ilana Martin will break it down in a way that you won’t imagine, and build it up so that when you open your mouth you will look behind you to see who’s singing. (It’s you)! I had an awesome time rehearsing, and more importantly, learning from her as to how to use my instrument to keep it in tune with great pitch. Big hugs and kisses to you Ilana – I can’t thank you enough.” – Sweet T

“Maria is an excellent teacher. She’s always involved and she gives excellent feedback and makes us feel very welcome and comfortable in her class. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to study voice!” – Mike American

“Ilana Martin is a gift from heaven! Since working with her I have developed not only my voice but my confidence as well. I’m doing things with this instrument that i never thought possible! I’m sure that all of her students including myself consider her a rare jewel, and an amazing teacher and artist.” – Danisha de LaToma


“I came from France to New York for the very first time and I met Ilana and Maria. I just want to say that it was my best vocal’s experience ever ! I discovered a new part of my voice and those lesson were just so different and creative. Ilana touched my heart and I hope that one day we will work again together. Thank you from the front of my heart, God Bless You.” – Doryan

“There is no better experience than the one earned at Vocal Workout.” – Leidi Pena

“ILana is an incredibly generous and organized teacher, and she’s got a free spirit. She has an extensive knowledge of the music industry and is committed to the mastery of her craft. She is a brilliant songwriter.” -Yutaka Pianing

“I am learning so much with the VWSS that this is by far one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far. You are providing the opportunity to and for others, and thank you for telling me to ‘trust’.”  -Sakeria Williams

“I have never had more fun, singing in any situation, in my life. The Vocal Workout is a total blast and extremely transformational.”  -Victoria Eastman

“Maria is amazing. She has made realize my potential and helped me bring it forth in an original and wonderful way. I look forward to every lesson.” – Tami

“I love working with Ilana Martin. She is a dedicated, professional teacher who doesn’t compromise and tells you the truth without reservation.” -Kerri Williams

“I have definitely seen an improvement. Singing is something I have always been passionate about. I love that it’s the full package. I talk about meeting with management and producers and feel that that is something unique that VWSS offers — something that is not provided at other schools where you are just asked to do exercises or sing a song. VWSS has provided me with a great direction. I trust Ilana’s advice regarding the decisions I need to make.”   – Francesca Vaccari

“She is one of the best vocal teachers I’ve had. I’m really blessed to have her as a teacher. I’ve been here for six years and couldn’t find a teacher. In college, my esteem in my voice got stripped. The teachers wanted you to sing like them, or they didn’t care. ILana is nurturing, caring. She doesn’t want you to conform to what she sings. She wants you to be your own person. Every lesson I come out feeling like it is so worth it! My voice has definitely improved, and the new approaches she has taught me have been very valuable.” -Nedge Guercin

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“The concepts at the Vocal Workout are amazing. I have never had things broken down to me the way it was during my first six lessons. I have never sounded the same and added nearly an octave to my formerly ailing vocal range. I feel so lucky to have been recommended by a friend to study here.”   -Michael White

“I am amazed. I look back on what I used to sound like, it’s not even the same person.”   -Nadine Michel

“I love that it’s the full package. I talk about meeting with management and producers and feel that that is something unique that VWSS offers — something that is not provided at other schools where you are just asked to perform exercises and sing a song. VWSS has provided me with a great direction. I trust the good advice regarding the decisions I need to make.”   -Francesca Vaccari

“Working with ILana has definitely improved my voice dramatically. She is excited about my project, which makes me excited about it. Of all the teachers I’ve studied with, she is the greatest by far. She is a very special teacher — she lights up the room.”   – Christy Thompson

“When I came to the Vocal Workout Singing School I had always wanted to sing, but I didn’t believe I could. I was a rapper and successful. I would never have known the range, quality, or true nature of my voice without this school. I am eternally grateful. I never thought I would have the voice I have now.”   -Stacie Aamon

singing testimonials“ILana Martin means business! She whipped me into shape in no time for my debut album release! She pays attention to detail and cares about the whole person, and enriched my natural style. I now have the strength to command my voice for an entire show from my first breath to my last note. I’ve never had better guidance with my voice and I’m positive that her world class instruction is unsurpassed from NYC to LA.”-Shae Fiol

“ILana and The Vocal Workout definitely have improved my voice and increased my confidence level. Extremely style oriented lessons – very helpful.”   -Javier Stevens

“I am working on a new album based on the notes and direction I was given during my study with two teachers at VWSS. They are passionate, dedicated people, who can sing circles around all their students themselves. I have had a blast learning more about my own creativity and unique abilities, and have sharper focus and more clarity to what I choose to sing.”   -Afua Addo

“I feel as if I have encountered a virtuoso of singing school teaching. I have studied under some remarkable people – at Harvard and elsewhere – in many areas in college and business school life, but as a vocalist, I feel I have come across unmatchable teaching.”   -Shu


“When I was looking to extend my vocal range and gain more control over my voice, a friend recommended ILana Martin and The Vocal Workout Singing School. I can honestly say that I got everything I was seeking and far more. Not only do I now have knowledge of good breath and posture but I also have access to notes, tones and textures in my voice that I never even knew existed. It also helped me build my confidence by providing me with feedback and the even occasionally with a much needed pep talk! ILana Martin really cares about her students and believes in their success providing all the knowledge she has to nourish their careers. I also took two songwriting workshops with the school that provided me with the tools, techniques and confidence to harness my style, craft and productivity.”   -Danielle Parente

“Just an update on my audition last nite. It went AWESOME! Mommy was in the back of the theater crying. She’s so funny… Overall, I think they enjoyed me. They picked up my resume and started pointing at it and nodding there heads as soon as I opened my mouth to sing. I absorbed the spotlight! I’m staying in prayer and hoping that I land something good…. Thank you so much with prepping me for this audition!!!”  -Nadiya Braham, Musical Theater – Lead Performer

“Omg omg omg. Wait till u hear my voice (even with a cold). Thank you thank you thank you, ILana!” -Cynthia Basinet, Recording Artist


“Words cannot express the absolute gratitude I have for you as my teacher/mentor. Not only have I become a better and moreseasoned singer from being in your classes, I finally understand who I am as a singer and what I am meant to say. I am no longer just an alto or a soprano, but I have my own vocal DNA which encompasses my unique style and ideas. Class was warm, never competitive and forced me to be vulnerable and have some humility. Because of that, I am able to share my true emotion with my audiences now and not what my emotions should look like. I take what I learned from you in Life and will never forget the energy I shared with you in class. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am finally FREE! Love.”   -Jamilia Hal

“ILana, I just want to write you and explain to you that you are a wonderful woman first! Thank God because I have met you.  I have learned so much and I will learn more. From the front of my heart, thank you for all the magic moments. Thank you for sharing the passion with us. God Bless You”   -Hafida Ouzani

“I came to the Vocal Workout School about two years ago to audition and interview for a teaching position. I didn’t get the position, but I got a lot of encouragement from ILana. She encouraged me to pursue mp passion, singing. At the time, I was studying with a vocal coach. I am now seeking vocal instruction because my coach is moving. I never forgot about ILana and this school. ”   -Kimberly Simmons


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