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Nov 23, 2017

The Vocal Workout Singing School was founded in 1998 by Musician Ilana Martin and has been professional vocalist’s most advocated method in both NYC and LA since. Born in Los Angeles, California, ILana Martin was performing at the age of 8. After Martin entered Boston’s famed Berklee College of Music, she received the first full scholarship offered just for vocalists. This shot her into touring the world multiple times as the founder of the ILana Martin Jazz Quintet and as a supporting vocalist for Barry White, Patti LaBelle, D’Angelo, Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer, Norman Brown, Rafael Martos and others.

Vocal Workout offers transformative, holistic, vocal training that will last a dedicated singer’s lifetime and help each singer discover and nurture a true sound: their original voice. The reason for this being, the school doesn’t offer band-aid solutions like most other schools do. There’s a tremendous amount of reasons why The Vocal Workout was awarded Best Music School in Manhattan 2020, one of those reasons is because Ilana’s method actually transforms your voice from the inside out. Most music schools tend to focus on just the voice and disciplining the voice to sound like a specific singer (we’ve all heard “want to sing like your favorite singer?” at least once). In Vocal Workout we don’t teach you to sound like any other person because we believe everyone has a beautiful unique tone that needs some guidance to come out. Although we tend to focus on the voice, we believe it all starts with the body, mind, and soul. Before you can transform your sound you have to have your body aligned and prepared for the changes it’s going to have.

With our emphasis on presence, breath control, alignment, and repetition we yield drastic shifts in vocal health, range, and performance. With detailed attention from our expert voice coaches, we help each student unlock a natural, total-body resonance improving volume, melodic, and rhythmic interpretation while establishing a vital mind-body-spirit connection.

Our students have all gotten amazing results and can feel the difference in their body when singing. No more straining or unintentionally damaging their voice and because of this their tone comes out much more natural. One of the best things about this school is that the teachers really listen. They take their time explaining every single detail and answer every question you have as well as adding why it is the way it is.

If you feel like most Vocal schools aren’t giving you the help you need and are close to giving up, try Vocal Workout. Guaranteed you’ll find the results you dream of.

Remember to stay safe and spread love!

  • The Vocal Workout Team