Pioneering the
craft of singing

“To find one’s voice, one must discover the power
of their individual voice.”

Since 1998, The Vocal Workout has been professional vocalist’s most advocated method in both New York City and
Los Angeles because we do not offer band-aid solutions. We offer transformative, holistic vocal training that will last a dedicated singer’s lifetime. and help each singer discover and nurture a true sound: their original voice.


Improve melodic and rhythmic voice control while establishing a vital mind-body-spirit connection.


Learn from the best singing method in the industry, under the apprenticeship of founder and vocal leader, ILana Martin


Be a part of a community of serious singers ready to share their voice on a new level of professionalism.


We help you cultivate your voice from within



Our Holistic Singing Technique is taught through a series of lectures and warm-up exercises that have been tested and designed by founder Ilana Martin throughout her flourishing professional career.

With our emphasis on presence, breath control, alignment, and repetition we yield drastic shifts in vocal health, range, and performance. With detailed attention from our expert voice coaches, we help each student unlock a natural, total-body resonance improving volume, melodic, and rhythmic interpretation while establishing a vital mind-body-spirit connection.

Our mission is only as successful as our singers

“Vocal Workout is not just a singing school. It is a philosophy, an enlightening, transformational learning journey that guides us to the land of constant breakthroughs.”
“I look back on what I used to sound like, it’s not even the same energy.”
“Omg omg omg. Wait till u hear my voice (even with a cold). Thank you thank you thank you!”
“The concepts at the Vocal Workout are amazing. I have never had human voice control – broken down to me the way it was during my first six lessons, and I have added nearly an octave to my formerly ailing vocal range. I feel so lucky to have been recommended to come here.”
“There is no better experience than the one had at a Vocal Workout.”
“ILana is an incredibly generous and organized teacher, and she’s got a free spirit. She has an extensive knowledge of the music industry and is committed to the mastery of the craft.”
“I have never had more fun, singing in any situation, in my life. The Vocal Workout is a total blast.”

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